Carmen Rosso Nieblas was born and lives in Malaga, Spain. Her work has been shown in a wide range of exhibitions in her home town and region.

After completing a teaching degree she studied art at the Escuela de Arte de San Temo, and subsequently took part in various courses at the Escuela de Artes Aplicadas y Oficios Artisticos [school of applied arts and crafts] in Malaga. She also undertook  etching and woodcut courses at the Gravura print studio and studied screen printing with Ernesto Arroyo. She continues to develop her skills in a variety of settings.

Rosso’s first exhibition took place in the town hall of El Rincon de la Victoria (province  of Malaga) where she also did illustrations for the local newspaper and designed the poster for the Jornada del Pedal event.

 Rosso relates her work to the happenings and cultural movements in Malaga during the 1980s. In 1987 she started to use toys as a sculptural material, for example in Cementerio de Coches – car cemetery (1988) and La Madre de las Batallas – the mother of the battles (1991), metaphorically engaging with issues of human nature and social relations. She had a solo exhibition at El Arribabá, her work was part of the collaborative installation Botellas y Cilindros at Sala La Época and of the Fin de Siglo exhibition. She also exhibited with the Colectiva Lemonar and the Colectiva de Primavera, and at various other locations.

 Rosso worked as an illustrator for the poetry book Wallada published by the Instituto Andaluz de la Mujer and illustrated Silvia Lázaro’s novel Pour teresa.